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Safety First. Freshness always.

As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we want to take a moment to assure you that we're taking precautions to ensure your safety and health in our stores and in our food deliveries.

With that in mind, we are implementing a number of new initiatives that we'll cover in this email. But we also wanted to inform you about some existing operations that we've always had in place — because we think they make a difference.


Managing Our Supply Chain

You should always know where your food comes from, and when you order from us, there's an easy answer: your food comes directly from us.

From our doughs to our sauces to our pastas, we make everything fresh and from scratch daily in our restaurant kitchens at each of our 38 locations.

From the time we unwrap our fresh ingredients to the moment our food arrives at your door, we can account for every step in the food-making and delivery process.


Our Drivers Are Our Employees

Hence, we can ensure they uphold our standards for cleanliness, safety and sanitation. Furthermore, when you order directly from us, our drivers go directly from the store to your door. Not a single stop at any other restaurant – ever. Quite the opposite of third-party delivery services.


New Safety Procedures

On top of our already stringent standards for cleanliness and sanitation, we're implementing additional precautions. Our goal is to make sure in these trying times that you have one less thing to worry about when you order with us:

  • Sealed Orders — Orders now come sealed with tamperproof stickers, ensuring that from the time your order leaves our kitchen, till the time it arrives at your door, it stays appropriately packaged.
  • Latex Glove Delivery — Every order gets a fresh pair of gloves to ensure no cross-contamination between foods or other customers.
  • Sanitized Vehicles — Before and after every delivery, contact areas of driver vehicles are now thoroughly wiped down with disinfectant.
  • In-Store 30-Minute Sanitation Cycles — All food preparation and dining areas will be wiped down with sanitation solution every 30 minutes.
  • New No-Contact Delivery Option — When you place your order, you may now opt to have your food delivered and placed in a designated location. Simply indicate, “Leave on front porch.” Delivered, sealed, and delicious.


Our Promise

A lot of people are saying a lot of things right now, so we'd like to keep things simple. Here's our promise: we'll get through this together.

Right now, our restaurants are operating at full capacity to serve the community. If the situation changes, we'll adjust as needed to protect you and our employees.

We're local. We're fresh. We're fast, and we're careful. We’re part of your community. We value your business and having the opportunity to serve you—both now and in the future.