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Customer Testimonials

Are you looking to dine out in Crystal City? Restaurants in the area are plentiful, but if you have delicious Italian cuisine on the mind, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Paisano's Pizza. We have a full menu of delicious pastas, gourmet pizza, and tasty salads.

When it comes to Crystal City pizza restaurants, Paisano's Pizza is the smart choice to make if you want the freshest ingredients at an affordable price. Take a seat in our comfortable dining area and prepare to enjoy savory sauces, crisp vegetables, and freshly shredded cheeses. And even if you don’t have time for a relaxing sit-down meal, our delivery and carryout services ensure that you can get the great taste you crave anytime you want.

You can stop flipping through menus from Crystal City restaurants and start enjoying a freshly made meal when you place an order with Paisano's Pizza. Stop by today for a relaxed and casual dine-in experience and place an order for hot, fresh pizza and other Italian classics.

If the food at Paisano's doesn't speak enough for itself, see what our Arlington customers have to say about what one of the top Crystal City restaurants has to offer you!


Enjoyed our first pizzas from Paisano's as part of a 3-hour lunch/meeting at the office. Both the Vegetarian and Meat Lover's Pizza were well done! The crust was the perfect thickness: thick enough for taste, thin enough to be crisp without being crusty. The toppings and cheese were filling, making every bite enjoyable.

This was our first time trying pizza from Paisano's Pizza. My wife and I look forward to ordering from them again or ordering and eating in at their restaurant. This was a great first experience, and we hope the in-restaurant experience is no less enjoyable.


On our vacation we stayed at the Residence Inn Capital View in Crystal City and we ordered pizza from Paisano's on our first night, it is the BEST pizza I have ever had. We live near Raleigh in North Carolina. It was loaded with toppings and the crust was very delicious. The next time we are in the area, we will definitely eat there again.

I wish you had a restaurant here.


Really good pizza and calzones and even subs.


I don't have enough good things to say about this place. I only found out about this place about two months ago when I got a leaflet from them in the mail. I looked at the menu, and was impressed with the prices and variety, so I called em up. They had veal parmesan listed [and for only $10!], which I had never seen from a delivery shop, so I ordered. The place isn't exactly close, but the delivery guy got here extremely fast. Needless to say, the food was awesome, and the portion was huge. It was like eating at a high class italian restaurant, but much cheaper, and without having to leave the house. I've ordered several times since then, and they have not dissapointed yet. HIGHLY recommended.'s the thing; I am pretty picky about my Italian eats. I won't do anything prefabricated (trust me, I can taste the difference) and I don't do can or jar foods. So if I eat Italian at a restaurant, its only from the best. Needless to say, this place did a great job. My VP decided to order from here for our staff meeting. Everyone selected what they wanted and we pretty much ate it family style. There was bread, garlic knots, and salads galore! We thought maybe we got someone else's order but a co-worker pointed out that they always give you this much food. Everyone was able to enjoy a variety of eats even take some home to share. The price was very reasonable as well. I have decided to put them on the rotation list for my house. I feel confident that my family would have a great meal! Enjoy!!

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