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Paisano's Italian Restaurant - Reston Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

If our food doesn't speak enough for itself, see what our customers have to say about our great little Italian restaurant in Reston! 

When dining in Paisano’s Italian restaurant, Reston customers will feel welcome at our family restaurant. Using the freshest ingredients, our chefs pay close attention in order to make the perfect dinner for you. We give large portions for low prices, so you can take the family out for a celebration to our little Italian restaurant in Reston. Whether you want a pizza party for the kids or a fine pasta dinner for two, Paisano’s is your destination. We always make sure to give great service in order to make for an unforgettable Italian experience. If you prefer an alternative to our signature pastas, pizzas, and subs, then we also have delicious, juicy burgers.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we make sure you and your family will leave Paisano’s with a big smile. People always say that “the customer is always right,” so let’s see what many of our customers are saying about our Italian restaurant. Reston patrons are saying good things, so call us now are reserve a table for dinner!


This place is really great! If their prices were any lower they'd go out of business and if their delivery was any faster they'd have to make it at my house! Their food is amazing but the thing that really blows me away is their burger! It's like they stole the recipe from Five Guys and somehow managed to make it less greasy... Their pizza is amazing (but, like all good pizza, it does not reheat very well)
We through an office party today for lunch and ordered everything from Paisano's. They have great pasta, stromboli, calzone's, subs, salads, etc. etc. etc. in addition to their great pizza.
Great Italian food in Reston. Paisano's offers great italian food for home delivery. We generally order from Paisano's one or two times a week since they have such a large selection of quality food.
I am staying in Reston on business this week. Ordered from Paisano's Pizza tonight. Man this was great pizza! The delivery was prompt and the food was fresh. I will be ordering again.


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