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The Italian Restaurants in Herndon, VA Loves

Paisano's Herndon

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Customer Testimonials

If you're looking for Italian restaurants in Herndon, VA, consider our reputation for excellent food and service. At Paisano's Pizza, we want to become your favorite local Italian restaurant. Whether you want a pizza delivered to your door or you're looking to dine in at our restaurant, we can't wait for the opportunity to create your custom gourmet pizza.

It all starts with the freshest ingredients. We take great pains to provide a consistent level of quality when it comes to our food and our service, and we're sure you'll be pleased with your meal. In addition to pizzas, we have an extensive italian food menu of salads, pasta, calzones, and subs.

When selecting a pizza restaurant, Herndon, VA residents keep coming back to Paisano's Pizza. To find out more about the italian food we offer call us today! Read on below to find out what other people in the area are saying about our food and service.

If our food doesn't speak enough for itself, see what our customers have to say about one of the best Italian restaurants in Herndon, VA!

I have 5 toppings on the pizza and ask for light sauce and extra time in the oven and am always pleased. This is a great pizza if you prefer a lot of topping. We loved it.
Excellent pizza place, very well priced, and fantastic service. I go in each week for lunch and the manager of the store is always very friendly. The lunch special is a fantastic deal and the pizza is good quality. Lunch special is about $6 for a 20oz soda and 2 slices of pizza although the 2 slices are gigantic. If you put them side by side they end up being almost 1/2 a pie. Even though the place is a chain, it doesn't have a corporate chain feel to it. Would highly recommend if you're looking for good value and great service.
I'm from Buffalo and their pizza reminded me of a good pizza from back home. I was also a fan of the "customer appreciation" month 5.99 large pizza (now over). The service was also great. I will be ordering pizza from there in the future.
Pizza here is way better than Pizza Hut. Standard italian fare done right.
At a friends place in Herndon Saturday night we had a craving for pizza, and they whipped out the menu for Paisano's. Which is really saying something because they have an excellent place right across the street, but that doesn't do delivery. The Paisano's menu is what you would hope for, starters, sandwiches, pizza, strombolis, and beer. Wait, did i just say beer? So apparently these guys will deliver a sixer for you in a pinch, I'm sure theres a substantial markup but what a service.

We went with an order of garlic knots, a medium white pizza, and a medium mushroom and sausage. the garlic knots are baked pizza dough swimming in a garlicy butter with a side of marinara, simple but delicious. The pizza was also nothing to sneeze at, it was right on par with that excellent place across the street.

For years now I've stopped ordering pizza from one of the big three, and it's good to know that placed like Paisano's are popping up all over fairfax.
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