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Where to get great pizza in Vienna, VA - Location

For great pizza, Vienna, VA restaurant Paisano's Pizza should be your first call. We are an established small local chain of high quality pizza and pasta restaurants that offer an extensive menu of great dishes to our valued customers. Whether you want to eat in, takeout, or order for delivery, we are ready to help you get a great meal today.

Whether you want crisp, fresh pizza hot from the oven served with a number of delicious sides, great tasting fresh pasta dishes, or a classic sandwich, our menu is sure to please. We use the freshest ingredients to ensure our dishes taste great. The best part is all of our food is made from the freshest ingredients available.

Make the most of our menu today and order for your family. When you are looking for a great Italian restaurant, Vienna, VA has a few to choose from, but your family is going to love Paisano's Pizza. Our friendly, helpful staff is ready to take your order, so call or come by today.

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Please call us at (703) 281-7800 to place an order, or click here to order online!


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