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Paisano's Pizza Delivery in Falls Church, VA

Paisano's Pizza offers so much more than pizza delivery. We have wings, salads, wraps, and enough options to please the whole family. Whether you want pizza delivery or a dine-in experience, we cater to customers with all kinds of dining choices. Our takeout service is also convenient for the commute home after work.

Our Menu

Browse through our online menu to learn more about our expansive options, including:

Something for Everyone in Falls Church

Our menu includes all the classic Italian favorites to keep everyone in your group happy. Because of this variety, we are a popular choice for catering parties and events. When you choose Paisano's Pizza, you are sure to get delicious food with a more extensive menu than the standard pizza restaurant.

Choose Paisano's Pizza for your next gathering or have us deliver right to your door. Our convenient downtown location is on West Broad Street, between Virginia Avenue and North Washington Street.


Paisano's Pizza